A friend at work mentioned something to me (and the rest of us at the lunch table) about a new film Mel Gibson is currently directing overseas. It’s supposed to be a historical re-enactment of an important figure who had a large impact on the timeline as we know it. Mel Gibson is striving for accuracy in every detail too, including a precision in spoken language.

Normally, making a historic movie is not huge news, but because of his choice of subject, Gibson is being plauged by many different people, including reporters who are trying to pry into every facet of his life and are even going to the length of harassing his 85-year-old father.

Why all this commotion over making a film? Well, if it was pretty much anyone else in history there wouldn’t be much of a contriversy at all, but since Mel Gibson decided to try to accurately portray the life of Jesus, more than a few feathers in the press and around Hollywood have evidently been ruffled.

You can read a recent editorial which describes the matters in detail and also choose to look at Mel Gibson’s interview on the O’Reilley Factor.

Crazy times we are living in. I personally think the movie will probably end up quite interesting.