It seems that the next version of the DSLR Canon EOS line is out. It is called the Canon EOS-10D, and it is pretty much like the D60 (which I have), but without the minor annoyances. It also boasts a boatload of new features.

To top it all off, the MSRP is $2,000 with an estimated street price of $1,500. That’s about $800 or so cheaper than the D60.

Sigh. At least the D60 is still a nice camera. None of the features of the 10D are killer features in comparison, but each one is of a “that would be nice to have” sort. Oh, and the camera is a good deal faster, especially when it comes to auto-focus. Also, the new camera has the same number of pixels, but the quality is ever-so-slightly a tad bit better.