I made it to Savannah, safe and sound. Along the way, I endured a massive storm… there was lightning on all sides and the rain was pouring down so hard that I could barely see the road. Everyone on the road had to slow down to crawl. At one point, it was coming down so hard that I thought my windows were all going to crack and shatter. It may have been hail.

I had to dodge the obsessively large SUVs and giant big-rigs attempting to take my lane by force, brave it through the constant downpour of a forboding lightning storm, stay away from the wacky strangers in the rest areas, navigate through the stunt courses of constant construction zones, wait it out through tailgating traffic (caused by the massive monsoon-like gushing of water falling fast) — despite all the obstacles, I made it to Savannah in one piece. (:

It’ll be fun here, hanging out with my family and visiting with some of my friends in the area. I’ll take pictures too.