is getting yet another website redesign. This new one looks really nice, and is a progression from what is currently on the site. It is a cleaner, leaner version which works well with a nice flow. It is a big leap from the original design or one of the intermediate versions.

The site is valid HTML 4.01 strict and heavily utilizes CSS, much like Fedora’s website.

I designed the Fedora site with 4.01 strict in mind as making sure everything would be valid XHTML quickly, especially with legacy documents and many different contributors would have been painstakingly difficult. I did make sure that it validated (right now, the problem is encoding, but I assure you that it works fine internally — somehow the document encoding got messed up on the public-facing site; I’m hoping that it will be fixed soonish), at least on my end of the design and implementation. Using CSS for the presentation was a no-brainer. CSS is great. (:

I’m guessing the legacy pages and multiple contributor factors weighed in with the decision to go with 4.01 strict versus XHTML * for too. When you choose XHTML, you’re choosing XML, and your pages should really be well-formed. XML parsers often show no mercy.

Speaking of designs and redesigns, I really need to update my very own website’s look sometime again too…