This past Saturday, I went to the zoo. While visiting, I took a lot of pictures with my trusty camera (and overhead lots of people talking about my equipment — everything from “Whoah! Check out that lens!” to some communication in Spanish obviously about a camera). I also had lots of people smile and point out something they thought was interesting for a picture. Everyone was friendly and there were lots of kids who seemed to have almost as much fun as I was having.

On this trip, I was finally able to take a few pictures of a reclusive red wolf too. (They usually like to hide out inside the back fence shrubbery, far away from people.)

I have separated out the pictures into nine different logical groupings, as there are a lot of photos.

  1. Aquatic Creatures
  2. Birds of the Zoo
  3. A Flock of Flamingos
  4. Forest Dwellers
  5. Prairie Animals
  6. Reptillian Friends
  7. Animals You’d See on a Safari
  8. See a Seal and Some Sea Lions
  9. Some Simian Friends