Version 1.02 1.03 of Industrial for Firefox is now available!

Screenshot of Industrial for Firefox, v1.02

There have been a ton of changes; here are a few recent ones:

  • Lots of icon changes

  • Updated to work with a more recent Firefox build

  • Changed close icon to use GNOME style instead of GIMP style “x”

  • Better RSS/Atom feed icon

  • More accurate GNOME-like disabled states for icons

  • Changes to various UI elements (such as the sidebar title area)

  • Menus work in Windows

Thanks to Jaap Haitsma for pointing out a few things earlier, and also for a nice insensitive script and GIMP plugin. (:

Go download Industrial for Firefox v1.03!

Update: It’s now version 1.03, as it fixes the find toolbar bug. Enjoy!