I have updated the Evolution website. For those of you reading this who don’t know, Evolution is a groupware client, meaning that it provides mail, addressbook, and calendaring functionality.

See the old versus the new below:

The old Evolution website The new, spiffy Evolution website

It uses simple, structural HTML 4.01 w/ a massive helping of CSS for both style and layout.

Why HTML 4.01 and not XHTML? Good question — I have a good answer too. Basically, it’s not driven by a CMS of any sort and I know that it will be hand-updated over time by a ton of different people, therefore it’s easier to have it validate as HTML 4.x (or come close to validating) versus something stricter like XHTML. (:

Note: It seems that archive.org is pulling in the live css file, so what you see isn’t exactly the old web site (it has the new fonts, new h2 treatments, etc. — it’s still pretty close though.)