I spent a little while this past evening working on a revision of the Industrial Firefox theme.

The quick list of little changes:

  • Priority text for the back icon (as talked about earlier) – this only takes effect if the widgets are in icon-only mode and also set to the small size

  • Better padding for the back and forward widgets

  • Margin fixing for the toolbar search box – this fixes a too-large bar for both the toolbar and the menu if the search entry is placed in either

  • Gnome looking “X” on tabs, if you happen to have TabX installed.

You can grab the latest Industrial (version 1.0.9) from the usual location.

Please note that recent versions of the Industrial Firefox theme require at least Firefox 1.0 to function properly.

By-the-way: If you are using TabX and want to make the default “X” go away, add .tabs-closebutton-box {display: none !important;} to your userChrome.css file (which can be easily edited through the chromEdit extension).