I’ve been in Utah for the past week-and-some-days on a work-related trip. Today, I’m flying back to Massachusetts

Things done while in Utah:

# Met a lot of great people in the Provo office.

# Also met Ryan and Josh, from #photography (and elsewhere)

# Went on a few photo trips with Ryan and Josh

# Hung out with Nat while he was in the area

# Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Places visited:

# Novell office in Provo, UT

# Snowbird

# Antelope Island

# Salt Lake City

# Arches National Park

# Natural history museum

Random events which took place:

  • Finally got my charger and batteries on Monday, a week after I ordered the goods (so much for “Priority Mail”)

  • Free ride to the top of Snowbird to take pictures (normally $15 or so)

  • Visited Antelope Island, an island now without antelope (but it does have bison) we didn’t get close enough to the bison, however

  • Stood under Delicate Arch (see a QuickTime VR panorama)

  • Almost fell off the side of a cliff at Delicate Arch (crumbling sandstone beneith my feet, slippery ice in another area)

  • Saw ancient graffiti from the Anasazi

  • While having sushi with Nat, the power went out — but only on the street that the Japanese restaurant, the local bar, and the Marriott were located

  • Visited a $1.50 movie theater with Nat, saw Napoleon Dynamite

  • On the way back to the car, we saw an odd poster for “Baptists at Our Barbecue“, a local Utah movie about a town that is split between 262 Mormons and 262 Baptists (the poster conveys that much)

  • Watched a really cool 3d bug movie (strangely sponsored by Terminix) at an Imax theater

  • Went back to the $1.50 movie theater (with Josh this time) to see Shark Tale

I had a fun time, but it’ll be nice to get back home.

Oh, I’ll have to post my pictures soon too. (: