As you may or may not be aware, #photography has been affected by the (relatively) new policy at Freenode. There has been a lot of discussion, both on IRC and also on my website.

I had a conversation with Rob Levin (lilo) Saturday night (after he was invited into our IRC channel) and he made a very good point: It might be nice if the group of people on #photography actually had an identity outside of simply “the group of people from #photography on Freenode” (paraphrase).

What should this group of people be called? That’s a good question. We’ve been working on an answer.

John Edgar (who goes by the nickname of ‘neom‘) owns the domain I happen to have the soon-to-be-officialy-launched We both have two good names to choose from right there. I personally think #photogeeks fits the channel better. John agrees.

Rob (lilo) told me last night that he could set up a redirect from #photography to #photogeeks. Interestingly enough, he also stated that #photography could remain for the time being, apart from any possible channel reset.

Decisions, decisions.

I think the correct route to pursue is to start using #photogeeks sometime in the very near future. The benefits of having an official site and official channel with the same name are pretty decent. Also, it makes it so our identity as a group is not tied in directly with IRC.

If you’re at all interested in the matter at hand, please leave a comment on this post.