I just posted the first set of pictures from my fall trip to Acadia. They’re from the first day of my trip.

Here’s a preview:

Tall bridge, neat tree
The tall bridge to Acadia
Entering the park
Entering the park
Nice trees
Pale trees, colorful leaves
Big hill
A big hill
Ocean waves
Ocean waves pounding the rocky shore
You can see a lot from the top
You can see a lot from the top
Sunset 1
The sunset begins
Sunset 2
Sunset, part 2

The sunset was amazing, the leaves were pretty colorful (although a few fellow photographers told me that other years have been brilliantly better), and being outside in nature was wonderful.

These are just a few pictures from the first day. I have more to come (and also the second half of the Utah trip). Stay tuned…

Until then, check out all of the photos from day 1 of Acadia.