Recently, I discovered a few good food resources on the ‘Net.

  • Slashfood: Sure, it’s named after Slashdot, but it has less trolls, better HTML, and is about food instead of geek concerns.

  • Belly Bytes: Nice food information in easy to read tidbits.

  • Eat Feed: One of the best independent podcasts out there. It’s a bit like NPR in style, but covers a lot of interesting food topics.

Of course, there are the old stand-by sites, too:

Also, I’d like to share a little tip I have discovered recently: *Get an iron skillet*. We just got one and it is absolutely wonderful. It turns every good meal into an delectable delight. Everything cooked in a cast iron skillet is instantly transformed into something even better. (I bet it could even take a mediocre meal and magically mogrify it into some kind of great feast.)