Report? Report? Who’s got a report?

It seems that typical Massachusetts government is at “work”: The cities of Lynn and Revere don’t know what’s going on, so they each pass the buck to each other and the state. The state says it doesn’t have a clue; check with the county and city. And so the quest for the police report continues…

Meanwhile, State Farm is still trying to royally rip us off on the totalled car and I’m still in constant pain (and trying to not show it too much).

State Farm also says they can’t really do much until the police report comes in — and it looks like “it doesn’t exist”, which is pretty crazy as we saw some police officer filling out something after the wreck happened. One of the departments said they might not have it since there was “no injury” at the scene. Of course! I take joy rides in ambulances, strapped down on a stretcher just for fun, right?