Aaron’s Banshee presentation was totally awesome.

At first, the presentation computer (an MIT thing), caused the screen to roll up, the lights to turn fully bright — and then became a bit stubborn in doing the right thing. A few minutes later, after Aaron and Miguel (who stepped in to help), finally got the wall machine to work (after a reboot), the environmental settings started working right and the presentation went underway.

Aaron’s slides were well done and his topic (Banshee) was fascinating. It totally rocks.

After the slides, Aaron demonstrated various things Banshee can do currently and talked about where it is goind a bit more.

I think everyone in the room is really looking forward to the upcoming features in the music player. It already is quite nice, but is going to get pretty awesome soon.

By-the-way: It’s almost time for the community project website talk/BOF thing I’m going to be ringleading at 3:45 pm today.