I visited Parts of Cape Ann last weekend, including an amazing place called Hammond Castle, once home to the famous John Hays Hammond Jr. (inventor of the Hammond organ, the remote control, and many other things).

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Hammond Castle columns

The first thing you see, after finding the semi-hidden stairs leading down from the parking lot, is a wall with columns — and above the columns are very neat looking gargoyles.

Gargoyle’s abode

There’s a bunch of interesting artwork inside — and it all has a consistant castle theme.


Sculptures are everywhere.

Portrait of a stone lion

There was so much to see in the castle, and they allow flash photography to one’s heart’s content. Tripods are not permitted, however.

Before visiting the castle, I actually stopped by the Stone Zoo, located in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Rock cliff

It’s not the San Diago or North Carolina Zoo, but I did manage to see a few interesting things there. Unfortunately, the little Stone Zoo wasn’t the best at labeling the animals with signs.

Trinity spire

Since I’m working in reverse-chronological order anyway, I did do a teeny tiny bit of shooting around Boston too for a few minutes.

Cat in the tub

The reason for my trip was to get out and take pictures with my new Canon 30D.

One can only take so many test pictures of cats around the house. Everything else takes nice enough weather and at least a few moments of free time.

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PS: I’m loving the Canon 30D. It’s an awesome camera, totally a worthy (and huge) upgrade from the several-years-old D60.