Jakub just got a HUGE Wacom Cintiq tablet… and he has instructions on how to set it up for Linux (well, and the Mac too, but that’s just a sentence)!

It was just a few days ago when I rushed over to Sigi’s office to see his new baby Cintiq — and I must admit, it is quite dreamy, as far as tablets go.

Jakub’s new Cintiq is humongous, however… (judging from the pictures).

I suppose I should get my shiny newish Lenovo X61 laptop working with proper tablet support before dreaming of other tablety gadgets, though. (It 1/2 way works now — just need proper pressure support and cursor rotation + screen rotation working… getting something to work fully is the trick.)

The X61 might not have the resolution or as many levels of the Cintiq, but I can lug it around with me and use it on airplanes (if there’s enough room, turbulence-free air, and suitable battery life left).

I’m looking forward to seeing what Jakub and Sigi sketch up in the upcoming days (and should probably sketch some stuff myself too).