It seems everyone else is doing it…

history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head
460 git
91 rug
88 cd
81 ls
34 xrandr
16 ssh
15 vi
15 killall
12 gitk
11 gvim


  • I save a lot of my history.
  • Obviously, I use git a lot.
  • I guess I also do a lot of command-line package management.
  • Usually I navigate via Nautilus and open directories there, or I will navigate to certain directories and just do “new terminal” and then it will default to the same directory.
  • xrandr is so high because I kept trying to get dual-head working the exact way I wanted to one day (and a lot of those are xrandr –help).
  • I guess I don’t ssh as much now as I used to, although when I do, they’re usually long-lasting ssh sessions.
  • vi is the result of quick edits… When I run gvim, it’s more long-lasting editing sessions, where I do not often close the window; I open multiple files in tabs and keep a window open at all times.
  • I run a lot of commands either in alt-f2 or through gnome-do… and I usually use the slab (and gnome-do too) for launching GUI software.
  • Just FWIW: If I had a tally of the GUI apps I use, it would probably be in this order: Firefox (mainly version 3 betas, sometimes version 2), Nautilus, gnome-terminal, vim, x-chat, pidgin.