Today, I updated the Adwaita Firefox theme (the theme to make Firefox look like a GNOME 3 app). There’s a stable version for Firefox 10 (which is old as of yesterday), 11 (the new Stable), and Aurora (which will become 12).

For you bleeding edge types, there’s a Nightly version, which happens to have a refreshed UI to match with GNOME 3.4. It’s even more awesome.

Both versions have bugfixes and features.

Note: Make sure to download the version which matches your browser. If you don’t, your tabs will look odd and little random stuff might look slightly broken.

If you’re using Firefox 10, 11, or Aurora (12):

Nightly-using folks only:

(If you’d rather get it from the official Mozilla add-ons server, there will be a small delay. Patrick Ulbrich (pulb) will be submitting the stable version soon.)

In case you’re wondering what it looks like, here are screenshots of the Nightly version of the theme, styled to GNOME 3.3 / 3.4: