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A few tips for learning & practicing photography

(I originally posted this on Google+, but figured it’s blog-worthy.)</p> • Keep shooting; you’re always practicing to get better, no matter how long you’re doing photography (: • Bring a camera (of some sort) with you — the best camera is the one you have in your hands (if you...


GNOME 3 has been released! Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen!I’ve been using the prerelease versions and have found a few tips that are worth mentioning. Learn shell: There are a lot of quick tips and shortcuts that make using shell even nicer. It’s worth taking a couple...

One-click, part 2

You may remember when I originally redesigned the one-click installer for hackweek in 2008. Well, for this recent Novell/SUSE hackweek, I spent some time to slightly redesign  and expanded on how the one-click installer should work. Will Stephenson also started working on an implementation, too.Here’s my new one-click mockup (click on...

the future of Nautilus

  • Menus
  • Actions menu
  • Application menu
  • ‘Side-step’ breadcrumb menus
  • Back and forward menus
  • Places menu
  • Places
  • Actions Toolbar
  • Status “minibars”
  • Sharing
  • New widgets
  • Say goodbye to…
  • TL;DR (Summary)

Jakub’s last day

Today is Jakub’s last day at Novell / SUSE. It’s been great working with him at the same company on so many awesome projects (many of which he mentioned on his blog post) over the past six years.He’s done amazing work during this time, and I look forward to whatever...

Some thoughts on “open source design”

On Facebook, Máirín Duffy, a fellow designer in the community, posted a link to “Can truly great design be done the open source way?” I commented with a string of thoughts on the topic. I’m posting my response here for a wider audience. Pandas Forever: a photo I snapped in London's...

Christkindlesmarkt photos

To celebrate this holiday season, here are a few photos I recently took of the Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarkt) in Nürnberg. You can see the above in higher res on my Flickr stream (as well as all sorts of other photos), or see lots more Christmas Market pictures on my public Facebook...

Google Wave & native scrollbars

For those of you also using Google Wave, you may have noticed the funky scrollbars. They’re bad for all sorts of reasons, most notably performance.Máirín (rightfully) complained about them in a community designers’ wave we’re in, so I decided to take five minutes to see if I could implement a hack… and...