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A blog post

For whatever reason, my “oh yeah, I have a blog!” blog post has shown up on Planet GNOME… again.Is it there to serve as a reminder that I actually do have a blog, and I should do these posting-blog-posts and uploading-pictures things?Here’s a picture that I uploaded yesterday. It’s a...

Nautilus, streamlined

While at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, an impromptu graphic and UI design session erupted in the hotel hackfest room. We worked on GNOME artwork and design related subject matter. A few of us discussed and sketched wireframe mockups of gnome-shell and Nautilus.This hackweek, I decided to start fleshing out...

Desktop Summit!

I am heading to the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit… but first, need to quickly finish packing! (:It’ll be an amazing time. I’m excited to see everyone attending!

git sucks‽

A few people on Planet GNOME are complaining about git, so I figured I should also post an example about git’s shortcomings when passing unexpected command line arguments. $ git make me a sandwich git: ‘make’ is not a git-command. See ‘git –help’.As a counter-point, let’s see how well bzr...

Muinshee, for you… thanks to Twitter and the Banshee devs.

Quick background: Muinshee is a special UI (user interface) for Banshee, an open source music player, in the style of Muine, another open source music player. It’s really neat (if you’re a minimalistic Muine fan) because Muinshee is a mashup of Muine’s simple interface backed by Banshee-power.How it happened: I...

Merry Christmas & happy New Year!

What? Did you think I’d blog on Christmas and not mention it? Here’s the obligatory post. (:Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everything is wonderful for you all!

Oh yeah! I have a blog!

I need to post something here more often. Most of my little bit of free time on the web has been elsewhere, at places like: Flickr (my photos) Facebook (“social” communication) Twitter (what I’m doing or thinking about) Delicious (websites I find interesting)Aside from the above, I’ve also spent a...

in Boston!

Hey everyone! I just arrived in Boston for the GNOME Summit (and the UX Hackfest that precedes it).

Hack Week wrap-up!

  • Redesign the one-click installer
  • **WallaWalla, a from-scratch font (which looks quite a bit like the SUSE font)