Today is the last day of GUADEC 6 — and I believe everyone here had a great time (I know I have).

Tomorrow is the first day of the big two-day German photo excursion. I believe Tuomas (tigert) and Tor (Gimp/Win32 guy) can both attend for most of the day (before their evening flights). I think we’re planning on driving to Neuschwanstein and other points around the area. It could be different, but I think that’s probably one of the best things to do. There were also a lot of other great suggestions from a previous post of mine and we may do some of that tomorrow. If not, then I’ll go visit some of those places on Thursday.

Neuschwanstein Castle
(a public domain image from Wikipedia)

Please note that if anyone else at GUADEC will be here after the conference and is interested in taking pictures, there’s still an oppurtunity to go on the trip(s). Please contact me asap (in person would be best; a comment on my blog could work too). Thanks!